FIT 2 is the perfect plan to help transform your body. It would not only tell you what exercise to do and what to eat, but also keep you challenging yourself and keep track of your goals, progress calories, schedule and much more. FIT 2 comes with the moto of ‘Build lean muscle, tone and transform.’ There is also a Clean 9 fitness program that acts similar. It first teaches its users the importance of being fit, eating well, looking well, building muscles and being in the fit mood all the time, then after motivating its clients, it moves on to more practical and progressive mood where it gives you diet schedules, physical exercises and much more. Below in a few points, we try to explain how FIT 2 is the best solution for you to keep yourself fit, healthy and grow your muscles.

Record your Measurements

The FIT 2 program begins with asks you to note down your measurements in a notebook and check your progress regularly and you will see the improvements automatically.

Track your Goals and

Another important thing is to keep track of your goals and progress. Set your goals and progress and set up time limits within which you will check back and see how much goals you have achieved and where you are lagging behind. Keeping track of goals is very important.

Record Calories

Similarly, always record your calories and do not ever take more than the limit suggested by your FIT 2 expert. Taking in appropriate calories is very important. Taking more would hurt your system negatively while undertaking them can also be hurtful. Therefore, it is important to record your calories regularly and never let them cross the limit.

Follow your Diet Schedule

FIT 2 provides you with a strong and rigorous diet schedule to be followed. You will be following this diet schedule and keeping yourself fit. Your breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner all will go according to the plan.

Challenge yourself

Finally, keep physically challenging yourself. If you want to grow your muscles, keep your body fit, stay in good health, you have to be motivated and be actively challenged and motivated to go beyond your physical limits and able to achieve wonders.


Your FIT 2 pack includes Aloe vera gel 4x 1 litre bottles, Lite Ultra Shake Mix (2x pouches), Forever therm (60 tablets), Garcinia Plus (70 softgels), Forever fibre (30 packets) and Forever PRO X2 High protein bars  (10 bars). And this package would be the ultimate pack to help your muscles grow. All the diet plan would be given in the pack and exercise and Dos and Don’ts would also be provided with so that you can follow this rigorous schedule and be the next ultimate muscle man.

In a nutshell, if you are motivated, then FIT 2 brings to you the best program with proper plan and tools needed to grow muscles. It guides you, it provides you, it motivates you and it ultimately makes you strong.

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